Liftcore Jumpform System

Is a flexible formwork for confining concrete lift core wall on the construction of high rise buildings that saves time, labour and cost.

Steel Wallform System

Allows large area of concrete wall to be formed easily, precisely and completed within a limited time. By using HIFORM wall form system, high quality concrete walls can ve obtained by none skill labours with minimum work force.

Plywood Face Wallform System

Where complicated sections are to be constructed and the standard formwork cannot be applied, Plywood face wallform will be supplied to complete the work.

Column Form System

Utilies lipped channel or RHS with column waters in two parts - male and female which are connected by tension pins to form square and rectangular columns. 

Telescopic Beam System

Is a horizontal support beam specially designed with high strength for an overall rationalization of concrete slab construction.

Steel Truss Tableform System

Is suitable for high-rise construction. Relatively quick turn-around time for striking, flying and reseting to enable it to achieve a shirter construction cycle with minimum manpower.

Tunnelform System

Is a cell system made entirely of steel and waith all its load-bearing parts possessing great rigidity.

Silo & Tower Jumpform System

Is a flexible formwork for confining concrete wall on yje construction of silo that saves time, labour and cost.

Metal Form

Different types of metal form are fabricated for the constructions of walls, columns, beams and slabs. They are accurate, durable and cut down working time and cost of construction. They are supplied in many forms, shapes and sizes according the job requirement. It minimize usage on crane and all panel can be hand held easily.

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