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We provided professional client-focused construction solutions and go beyond on every project and delivered on our promises with integrity.

Quality & Consistent

Using High-Strength Aluminium Alloy and Bearings, the Results – Near Perfect Concrete Finishing.

Speed & Accuracy

Standardized Production, Ease of Assembly, Accurate Calculation.

Cost Effective & Efficient

Lightweight Aluminium Panels are Easy to Carry, Install and Dismantle thus Lowering the Labour Cost.

Standardized & Systematic

Formwork Runs through Computer Design, Engineering Standardization and Modular.

Safe & Clean Site

All Panels and Accessories are Reusable and Follow Safety Standards.

Flexible & Adaptable

System can be Place Horizontally or Vertically, has High Adaptability on Architect’s Design.


Steel System Formwork

This consist of panels fabricated out of thin steel platesstiffened along the edges by small steel angles.



Scaffolding is nothing but a fixed/movable platform which can be used for working at heights.


Construction Building Formwork

A formwork system signifies the molds used to store and hold wet concrete until curing is achieved. Curing is a significant process in concrete.

Mission Statement

HIFORM (M) SDN BHD is committed to provide system formwork of the highest standard to meet the progressive needs of the building and construction industries.

Working in close partnership with our clients, we provide the most practical and cost-effective formwork solutions to meet the high standard requirements in constructions.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 23 years

We has the commitment to achieve excellent in Safety, Health and Environment whiles engaged in its construction activities and fully committed to its motto: “MAKE IT RIGHT TIME”.

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